Perfume Scents is located in Cape Town and is an authorised wholesaler of fine men and women’s fragrances within the South African and Sub-Saharan African Markets. The company started in 2014 by renting a small space in an internet cafe in Vasco with only 50 fragrances to choose from. Today, we are proud to boast over 200 fragrances and the ability to courier all over South Africa and as far a field as Namibia, Angola and Zimbabwe.

Perfume Scents has a great range of the most popular perfumes available and at the best possible prices. We update our stock regularly and we have or will find the fragrances you need. At Perfume Scents, we constantly strive to offer exceptional services and meet every need of our customers with fragrances that are inspired by famous brands.

We bring you world class Perfumes at a fraction of the cost.
Stocking over 200 fragrances inspired by famous brands like:

Hugo Boss | Lady Million | Red Door
Dunhill | Desire | Blue | Issey Miayke | White Diamonds

Diesel | D& G | Lightblue | White Linen

One Million | Gucci | Rush | Panache

And many more!!!!!!!!!!

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No need to leave your home or office, we courier Nationwide!

For super fast and friendly service.
Our Koop en Loop Trademark makes buying your favourite fragrance a pleasure.